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The Family Handbook

Regents School of Oxford opened its doors on September 5, 2000.  That event represented the culmination of a great deal of prayer and hard work combined with a desire to establish a quality school founded upon a Christian worldview.  The goal of the school's founders was to operate a school committed to academic and spiritual excellence, to instill in their children a love for learning, and to provide an orderly nurturing atmosphere in which these ideals can be achieved.


This handbook is for Regents' faculty, staff, students, and parents.  It has been prepared to facilitate the accomplishment of our common goals and to set some guidelines for the framework of the spirit and culture of our school. The policies and procedures explained in it regulate life at Regents.


The handbook outlines information about the school day; answers questions about rules, guidelines, and policies; clarifies procedures; and gives other helpful information about the operation of the school.

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