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Regents offers a rigorous academic experience for grades 3K-12th. Please see each individual grade's curriculum under the Academic tab. Also see our "What to Expect" page under the Prospective Families tab. For more information on how and what we teach, please come see us!

School of Grammar

In Grammar school students begin gathering the building blocks of their education. Students memorize facts such as historical dates, timelines, and parts of speech as well as develop basic skills like multiplication or sentence formation. Teachers use songs, chants, activities, and stories to draw students into the joy of learning.

School of Logic

As students reach the school of Logic, they begin earnestly seeking to understand the "logic" of the facts and skills they learned in their early years. They want to know how things fit together and why they matter. Students learn formal logic, and spend extensive time in discussion.

School of Rhetoric

The final stage of the Trivium is Rhetoric.  Students take the ideas and skills they have learned in Grammar and Logic, and then learn to apply and express these ideas persuasively, winsomely, and wisely.

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