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ESV and KJV Bible

Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Loyd-Jones

The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung




Provide a variety of experiences and manipulators necessary to achieve the following objectives. 

The students will identify:

  1. Basic colors

  2. Sizes

  3. Shapes

  4. Rote count to 10

  5. Count 3 to 4 objects, one-to-one

  6. More and less

  7. A-B pattern

Gross Motor:

Jumping, running, catching a ball, throwing a ball, and balancing.

Social and emotional:

1. The students will be given opportunities to learn how to play and share with other children.

2. The students will learn to practice good manners and courtesy towards others.

3. The students will be introduced to stories that will deal with emotions. 

4. The students will be able to separate from the primary caregiver easily.

5. The students will understand and work within routines, structures and limitations inherent to a group setting.

6. The students will be encouraged to persist on difficult tasks.

7. The students will begin to seek simple friendships. 

Art and Music:

Daily in classroom

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