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Board of Directors


Jenny Stubblefield, Board Chair
Jenny is married to Earl Stubblefield.  They have two children at Regents, Merritt and Camille. Jenny is a former high school educator.  Jenny and Earl own Stubblefield Dental Clinic in Oxford.  This is Jenny’s third year serving on the board at Regents. She serves on the Tri Delta House Corporation Board as well as the Children’s Ministry Team at Christ Presbyterian Church where their family worships.


Webb Lewis, Vice Chair

Webb is married to Tiffany.  They have two children, Jack (4th grade at RSO) and new baby girl Ella. Webb is the Assistant Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy/Social Media at the University of Mississippi. He holds a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees all from Ole Miss. This is Webb’s second year serving on the board at Regents. Webb also serves as a deacon at Christ Presbyterian Church where his family worships.


Benton Smith, Treasurer
Benton is married to Brooke Smith, and they have two children attending Regents, Sadie and David. This is Benton's second year serving on the board. Benton is an entrepreneur, and his family attends North Oxford Baptist Church. 


Jene' Smith, Secretary
Jene’ is married to Art and they have 2 children, Greer and Phillip. They have attended Regents for the past 4 years, and this will be Jene’s second year on the Board. Jene’ is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and practices at North MS Family Medicine Group. She also volunteers at Oxford Medical Ministries Clinic serving those without access to healthcare. She and her family worship at Pinelake Oxford.


Alice Kelly Morgan
Alice Kelly is married to Wally Morgan, and they have two children at Regents, Cave and Mems. Alice Kelly is a pharmacist and works for Pfizer medical. This is her 5th year serving on the board. She and her family attend Christ Presbyterian Church. 


Carroll Moore
Carroll is married to Stephen, and they have one child attending Regents, Abby. They have been a Regents family for over ten years. This is Carroll’s third year serving on the board. Carroll is the Digital Content Specialist in the Division of Outreach, University of Mississippi and a freelance graphic designer. She holds degrees from both the University of Mississippi and Purdue University. The Moores are members of Taylor United Methodist Church.

NJ on RedBG.jpg

NJ Correnti
With over 25 years’ experience in aviation, Nicholas John (NJ) Correnti is the Founder and Chief Executive of NICHOLAS AIR, one of the nation’s largest private aviation programs. Having spent nearly his entire life in the South, primarily in North Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi, Correnti serves on multiple boards of both publicly and privately traded companies. In addition to aviation, Correnti has a heritage in Steel and Silicon manufacturing, and various other developments through his venture capital company, Corr Ventures. Correnti makes his home in North Mississippi (Oxford) along with his wife, Christina, and their four children whom attend Regents. He and his family worship at Oxford University United Methodist Church. 


Tyler Lovelace
Tyler is married to Jenna Lovelace. They have three children at Regents, Harper, Olivia and Spears. Tyler is the owner of Oxford Endodontics where he practices as an Endodontist. This is Tyler’s first year serving on the board. Dr. Lovelace is an active member of the American Association of Endodontists, American Dental Association and Mississippi Dental Association. He worships with his family at
Christ Presbyterian Church.


Ryan Niemeyer, Ph.D.
Ryan is married to Cindy Niemeyer, and they have two girls that attend Regents, Lauren and Maddie. They have been a Regents family for nine years. This is Ryan’s first year serving on the board. Ryan is the Assistant Provost for Regional Education and Associate Professor of Leadership and Counselor Education at the University of Mississippi. Ryan and his family attend Grace Bible Church.

If you are interested in serving on our board, please contact


Early Education

Elizabeth Stitt 

3K Teacher 

Shelley Browning 

3K Assistant Teacher 

Erin Wood 

4K Teacher 

Frances Pierce 

4K Teacher 

Fonda Clark 

4K Assistant Teacher 

Trina Nix

4K Assistant Teacher 

Rebecca Bishop

5K Teacher

Tracy Rogers

5K Teacher 

Shea Graeber

5K Assistant Teacher 

Rachel Tatum 

5K Assistant Teacher 

Grammar School

Carolyn Spraberry     

1st Grade

Molly Roberts

1st Grade

Ashley Johnson

1st grade aide

Nicole Moorman

2nd Grade

Lauren Pepping

2nd Grade

Alyssa Lee

3rd Grade

Lauren Massey

3rd Grade 

Tracy Knox

4th Grade

Susan Thomason

4th Grade

Lindsay Manickavasagam

5th Grade and Grammar School Curriculum Director

Bonnie Person

5th Grade

Danielle Butler

3rd-5th Latin and 5th Grade Typing


Schools of Logic & Rhetoric

Dana Edwards

6th Grade History & Literature

Beth McCullen

6th Grade Grammar 

Scott Byrd

7th Grade Theology 

Randall Bryant

8th Grade Theology 

Eliana Cummins

Middle School Latin 

Evalyn Bassett

Middle School Science 

Joelle Young

Upper School Math 

Brenda Smith

Upper School Science 

Lori Bray

Upper School Math 



Toni Overby


Middle School Medieval History Literature 

Holly Sallah


Upper School History 

Upper School Literature 

Kaitlynn Yates

Ancient History 


Stephanie Young

Curriculum Director


Melvin Manickavasagam



Joseph Adams

Director of Educational Services 


Greta Bailey

Physical Education

Molly Turner


Kaitlynn Yates


Jennifer Everett­


Lori Henry

Education Specialist

Justin Stearns 

Strength & Conditioning Coach 




Jennifer Everett­


Lindsey Manickavasagam



Lori Henry

Education Specialist

Sandra Magee


Sasha Bryan

Junior & Senior Thesis 


Dr. Jason Wood

Head of School

Dr. Matthew Schroeder

Associate Head of School

Lower School Principal

Micah Messersmith

Upper School Principal

Meredith Meurrier

Director of Early Education

Janet Prather

Director of Enrollment Management


Brandon Beckett

Athletic Director

Cross Country Coach

Luke Buckner 

Assistant Athletic Director 

Basketball/ Baseball Coach 

Jill Bell

Admissions Director

Hannah Walker

Marketing Director

Dance Instructor

Shannon McLaughlin

College Counselor

Cheerleading Coach

Ashley Stearns

Administrative Assistant

Stacy Barnes


Administrative Assistant


Dr. Beth Paul 

Executive Director of Development 

Randal Corban

Resource Officer

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